Turbo 21 HD

Play Turbo 21 HD – an awesome and addictive Casino Pogo game online you shouldn’t miss! In Turbo 21, your main task is to pile up the cards in groups which will add to 21. You are racing through the deck with a big attempt to make a lot of 21s for more points. You should try your hardest to create many 21s in just 30 seconds, and if you succeed in doing this, you will win the Bonus game. There are three power-ups you can earn by getting ten 21s, including extra peek showing the value of the subsequent two cards for the whole game, extra time which giving you more time in the Bonus Timer, and easy spin. After earning, you can use them to surpass the challenges. Try your hardest to achieve the main objective of the game, earn yourself a lot of bonus points, and become the best card stacker!

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