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Travel Mosaics – Roman Holiday

Travel Mosaics – Roman Holiday is a fantastic and engaging Pogo game for all players who love to download games online to their computers then join them offline. This game is no exception when you can download it for free. The in-game story focuses on the Walkers family in a great tour for enjoying many beautiful tourist attractions of Rome. The family will take this chance to study brand new skills, answer hard questions, gather many coins and nice souvenirs. With over 140 puzzles to solve, your abilities will be carefully tested. You have to fill in the squares with the right corlor to finish the level using your excellent deduction skill, then, you can expose the picture right behind the grid. With 120 colored-coded nonograms, 20 bonus nonogram and 20 extra puzzles, the game will keep you engaged for sure. Are you ready for it? Let’s download it now! Have fun!
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