Sweet Tooth 2

Engage in Sweet Tooth 2 game to conquer further awesome challenges now! If you are a big fan of Puzzle Pogo games, make sure you won’t skip this one. This time, you will enter a candy factory in which you need to assist Toothy to clean it before time is up. There are two game modes for you to play, including caramel mode and classic mode. Each of them gives you different objectives to complete. But whatever it is, the main task you must do is to create rows or columns of at least 3 candies of the same type. You can match them diagonally or vertically or even horizontally. Try to do this as fast as possible to earn a lot of points. The most important thing is that you have to finish the given objectives if you want to become a winner. Don’t forget to use sweet power-ups to clear the candy as well as caramel spaces. Hope you have a blast with it!

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