Quinn’s Aquarium

Quinn’s Aquarium is an engaging Puzzle Pogo game online opening a wonderful mahjong adventure for you to conquer. You will have to give assistance to the Quinn Sisters so they can retrieve the aquarium of their family. You see that there is a Freecell displayed at the bottom of the screen. If it’s empty, you will reach it by clicking any tile. Try your hardest to find as many matching tiles as possible so as to clear the Freecell. Sometimes you may get stuck because there are no matches left to make, and in this case, you are forced to use an Undo Power-up. There are lots of Exhibits that can be accessed, every single of them brings you up to 180 brand new levels, together with an interesting story of the Quinn Sisters. Your goal here is to conquer all mahjong puzzles and earn a lot of rewards for yourself. Good luck!

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