Pogo Spades

Play Pogo Spades game and achieve 500 points first! It is the key that you will use to conquer the other team. Work together with a partner and try to estimate how many tricks you and your friend can take in each round! It is important to turn you into the group that collects the target score. It means that you will become the winner once you complete the requirement in the right way. Pogo Spades free online is a four-player competition where you should judge and think carefully. There is a common feature which is created to penalize those who underestimate the number of tips they will hold while not discarding the possible strategy of taking overtricks or “bags” on purpose.

If you have already started Pogo Spades unblocked, you and everybody will be given 13 items. Pick out one from your hand and press the Pass button to move it to your buddy. You will get 1 that he has passed to you. Pogo Spades will be continued clockwise. If it is your turn, you will be prompted. Double click on a white card to choose it. It is essential to deploy something of the same suit as the first piece if you can. Discover the remaining part of the rules and finish all stages now!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to move cards and control buttons

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