Peggle Slots

Make your list of Casino Slots Pogo game longer by adding a new game called Peggle Slots! Your main mission here is to spin and match at least three Symbols in a line on the reels for winning. You should also try to obtain at least three Extreme Fever Icons on the reels for unlocking further bonus games modes with brand new challenges to conquer. There are many goals in the Peggle Institute for you to take, if you finish them all, you will get access to Peggle Masters. Every single Peggle Master will help unlock a bonus game mode that you can pick. There are coins in your Coin Bucket. You should use them for spinning the reels, and when you run out of coins, don’t worry, just go to the Coin Store where you can buy more of them. Let’s give this Pogo game a try now! Have fun!

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