Northern Tale 2

Northern Tale 2 is finally available to download for free! If you want to continue exploring the story of the lands of Viking, you should download and play this Pogo game offline on your computer. After the wicked witch Gesta was collapsed, the peace of the lands was regained. Now the Viking King Ragnar makes his decision on reforming the kingdom so it can get back to its previous victory. He starts to fix the destroyed villages, cures all the cursed trees, and many other things. But, the bad news is that Gesta is not completely defeated yet. She’s even much stronger now, also, she isn’t hesitant to intimidate the Vikings again. You are going to help the King defeat her by getting through many levels, discovering awesome places, befriending mermaids and mushrooms as well as stop the war before two nations. Let’s engage in the game now to show your skills!

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