Mahjong Safari

Play an amusing Puzzle Pogo game called Mahjong Safari for a huge amount of fun! The game is free for all, so join it now to show off your skills. You will be taken on many wild animal adventures. The gameplay of this one can be different from other common mahjong games when it just only offers a single layer of tiles. Your main task here is to match a lot of tiles of the same type fast to solve the puzzle. You need to connect the matching tiles by using a line having two turns. Sometimes, you may get stuck because of hard puzzles to solve. In this situation, you are highly recommended to use power-ups that you have earned. They will help you pass all the challenges, resolve all riddles and even bring you amazing bonuses. Don’t forget to track your progress by looking at two numbers called tiles and available matches displayed in the lower left side of the screen. Are you ready for this? Start the game now!

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