Laruaville 7

Laruaville 7 is the seventh chapter of the Laruaville series. This is a right installment for the players who think that the sixth chapter is too tough. The is Pogo game takes you on another adventure in which you have to uncover all mysteries of ancient Egypt. You are one of the ghosts, and throughout the expedition, you and your buddies accidentally awakened the ghost of Pharaoh sleeping for 5000 years ago. With a lot of levels, together with new bonus match 3 levels, you will surely have fun in this adventure. Try to search for the all the different scenes as well as the solitaire deals, find out the true Ancient Egypt, conquer all challenges and complete all the missions using your excellent abilities. This seventh chapter is less difficult compared to the previous ones from the series. Will you give it a shot to have another awesome experience? Start to download it now!

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laruaville 7

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