Jet Set Solitaire

Any fans of Card Pogo games out there? It’s time to show off your card-playing skill once again in a nice game online called Jet Set Solitaire. The game brings you a lot of challenges with awesome levels to explore. Just start packing your bags for an interesting adventure to attractive vacation locations. In this game, you will have to choose the cards with one number higher or lower than the Tour Card, and try your hardest to discard all of them so as to obtain your objectives and finish the level. After clearing a card from a level, it will turn into your new Tour Card. If you gain enough stars, you will be able to unlock the final attraction. Crashing into impediments is an unavoidable thing in the game, and if you are in that case, make sure you use the power-ups to clear a path. Try your hardest to strategize your way to the final glory!

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