Hidden Expedition: The Fountain of Youth Collector’s Edition

Your main task in Hidden Expedition: The Fountain of Youth Collector’s Edition game is to go find your missing fellow H.E.L.P agents. Together with them, you are supervising a restoration project in Sigiriya. But things become strange when you can’t find your fellow agents and apparently, they have gone missing without any traces left behind. You need to follow the route of Ferdinand Magellan’s historic journey to find your co-workers and find out what Aturnin’s crew is searching for. This can be an exciting adventure to go back in time, but it’s also very challenging to conquer. Try your hardest to find all the hidden objects, unravel all puzzles, gather all souvenirs from your trip, get more fun facts about the Magellan’s voyages and test all of the skills you have! The game contains nice wallpaper with wonderful game arts that surely keep you entertained. Feel free to download this Pogo game now!

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Hidden Expedition 10 – The Fountain of Youth Collector’s Edition

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