Crazy Cakes 2

Crazy Cakes 2 Club is one of the top Pogo puzzle games unblocked. Explore a thrilling story with a tiny fairy and help her serve up good desserts to everybody in the woods. The challenge will require you to implement and accomplish your mission as fast as possible. It’s necessary to master the objective and manage your resources wisely! Play Club Pogo Crazy Cakes 2 free online you should keep the Bistro running smoothly! Otherwise, you cannot satisfy hungry customers and progress. Time will be the key in every stage as you juggle baking, serving, and gathering tips. Not only that, the difficulty level will increase when you advance. Try to observe everything from the guest’s feeling to make them happy! They are actually impatient. With ovens, ingredients, and your capability, you can finish stages and unleash amazing power-ups. Let’s start your newest job and gain the most badges right now!

How To Play

Use the mouse button to help the main character serve

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