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Cooking Academy 3

Cooking Academy 3 is a free-to-download Pogo game giving you a chance to show off your cooking skill. Being a chef must be very fun, especially if you love to enjoy many tasty dishes. In the game, you have won a million dollars, and you made a decision on running your own restaurant where you become the main chef who can write his cookbook. You will start cooking and working with your old professor named Henry Formage, together with some of his friends. The game features so many mini-games that you can join to practice your abilities, like Refrigerate, Seasoning, Find Food, and so forth. There are many kinds of food for you to cook, such as Tapioca Pudding, Croissants, Chicken and Waffles, as well as other awesome recipes. Just show off all skills you have, never stop mastering them until you become the best chef in all over the world.
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