Bookworm HD

Pogo Bookworm HD a featured puzzle game free online and feed Lex the new cute friend as fast as possible! In order to complete your job, you need to create words and end up your mission properly. By using the available letters, you are able to link adjacent tiles and form the item that you want. Note! They should include three or more alphabetical characters. Objects in Club Pogo Bookworm HD unblocked can be connected in any direction such as horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. Meanwhile, you’d better observe the playing board to collect special power-ups. They will boost your score and help you fulfill your challenge sooner. Additionally, don’t ignore the Bonus and everything that allows you to level up fast! Besides, there are many different modes to choose from, from Classic to Action. Pick out the room you like most and open the door to start your story right now!

How To Play

Use the mouse button to select letters so they can be combined

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