Amazing Adventures

Get ready for another Hidden Object Pogo game online called Amazing Adventures! The game leads you to many places where you must find all the hidden objects, hidden clues, and hidden relics. For the hidden objects, like always, in every location, you need to find 10 hidden objects displayed at the bottom, and when you find all of them, you will get a clue which takes you to the next place. If you can’t find them all, just simply click the Hint button that shows you where the objects are. Remember, the hints will be recharged, and 5,000 points will be gone for each time you use it. For the hidden clues, you need to finish all tasks then the clues will take you to the next lost treasure. For the hidden relics, you need to find them in each place too, then, you will be able to reach the top Adventurer Rank as well as unlock all game modes that are hidden. Have fun, guys!

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