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Postcards from Britain

Postcards from Britain is a Puzzle, Hidden Object, and Pogo game online. You are here for an adventure in which...

Bookworm HD

Pogo Bookworm HD a featured puzzle game free online and feed Lex the new cute friend as fast as possible!...

Snowbird Solitaire

Pogo Snowbird Solitaire is a fun online card game where you can play through 100s of tri-peaks levels and collect...


Pogo Anagrams is a great puzzle game in which you will be able to travel around the world if you...

Crazy Cakes 2

Crazy Cakes 2 Club is one of the top Pogo puzzle games unblocked. Explore a thrilling story with a tiny...

From France with Love

From France with Love is an entertaining online Pogo game for everybody to enjoy. Explore the new adventure and solve...

Pogogame.org promises to become an exciting playground where players can enjoy and play numerous Pogo games online for free. You will have a lot of chances to meet new opponents as well as compete against them for plenty of prizes and tokens. In addition, you can freely show off your excellent abilities through in-game challenges, also, this will allow you to show the world your true talents. Playing Pogo games never gets old when further games keep being updated and released, therefore, the list of Pogo games seems to never end.

Club Pogo is regarded as a subscription service that can bring further advantages to the players when they want to join Pogo games. So, make sure you sign up for this service and don’t forget to register an account for yourself at this site before starting to play Pogo games.

About Pogo Games

Pogo games are just simply known as online games that are operated in a browser with Java-plugin or Flash supported. There are plenty of game categories you can explore, such as Puzzle games, Card games, Board games, Sports game, Word games, or even Downloads, etc. Most of the games will be played online for free, except Downloads that require you to download them to your computer, and then you can join them offline. The downloadable games also consist of some tokens with the chat feature. These games come out with diverse challenges, meaning you must conquer a lot so as to achieve numerous prizes with a good amount of tokens. Some games will be set in rooms where players are freely able to chat with each other while enjoying.

At the moment, Pogo games can be accessed via several popular platforms, including Facebook, ios/Android devices, and Chrome Web Store.


Facebook is a famous social network platform that you can easily play Pogo games. Over 20 games are available for you to play with Facebook, so feel free to join them if you want. You will undergo a lot of nice missions, awesome challenges and put your efforts into conquering them all to get achievements and prizes. Pogo games on Facebook also consist of nice features for you to explore. Note that you still have to watch some ads when joining these games via Facebook app. However, as a member of Club Pogo, the ads won’t appear, so you don’t have to watch them.

iOS platform

There are several devices powered by iOS, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. As an iOS user, you can download the Pogo game app on your device, then you can play some interesting games, like Sweet Tooth 2, Mahjong Safari, Word Whomp, Turbo 21 and more. The sixth game added to the game was Phlinx, together with the World Class Solitaire game in May 2011. Similar to Facebook, if you a member of Club Pogo, you won’t have to watch the ads during the game.


The Android users can also play Pogo games on their devices. However, Mahjong Safari and Phlinx are the games that can’t be played on Android devices for now. Also, they can’t get access to Jackpot spins game that was disabled. The World Class Solitaire can only be played if you log into your Club Pogo account. Similar to the iOS platform, the Android users won’t have to watch the ads if they already become the Club Pogo members.

Chrome Web Store

For this platform, you can enjoy the HTML 5 version of Poppit! game. This version is now also included with the Chrome installation.

Hopefully, you will have a blast playing Pogo games online or on some other platforms like mentioned above. The games will test your abilities, reactions, strategic skills, as well as your brainstorming skill.  You join them not only for fun but also for further useful knowledge you can gain during the games, especially when you play Puzzle games or Word games, and on top of that, you will get a huge amount of fun.